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     If anybody ever needed "superhero" Caped Critter protection, that would be my cat Thor.  He is very loving with me but very, very shy of all other animals and humans. 
     Nontheless, Thor faced several Veterinary treatments heroically, at the Vet's office, without struggle or complaint.  He also let me put medicines in his mouth, apply sticky treatments to his back, put protective collars and shirts on him while his injuries healed.  
     Thor, the inspiration for Parocat, likes to look out the window and dream of flying like a bird.  As the half parrot Parocat, Thor can do everything that he dreams of and be a hero on the world's stage as he is in the here and now to me.
      my cat Thor's story
   Thor had his operation done by Dr. Leonard at the Westside Veterinary Clinic in Kingston, PA.  He had to wear an e- collar for two weeks
 Thor had a rather nasty tumor on his back.  His friend Kitty had a tumot too but did not survive the tumor operation
  To acknowledge his courage, Thor got the following:
  Included in Caped Critters' Parade 
 5 x 7 watercolor (mat size larger)
  porcelain portrait 
  just under 2 " high
  Honorary Caped Critters' Certificate
              8.5" wide  x 11" h

  Every pet animal / critter is a hero who deserves a certifucate acknowledging that fact.  
     Your pet can 

            1. Join the Caped Critters parade
            2. Receieve an Honorary Caped
                    Critter Certificate.

             3. Get a 5" x 7" hand done
                     matted watercolor portrait

              4.  Get a tiny porcelain portrait
​                      sculpture.